Q Oxide

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Q Oxide – Hydrogen Peroxide 3% w/v & 6% w/v
Hydrogen Peroxide 3% w/v & 6% w/v

Surgical Hand Scrub: Significantly reduces the number of microorganisms on the hands and forearms prior to surgery or patientcare.

Patient Pre-operative Skin Preparation: for preparation of the patient’s skin prior to Surgery.

Healthcare Personnel Handwash: Clexhadine CHG Scrub helps reduce broad spectrum microbes thatpotentially can cause infection.

General usage: Clexhadine CHG Scrub can be used as skin wound and gerneral skin cleansing

100ml, 400ml, 5 Ltrs

User Friendly Non-Sterile Scrub
Cornfortable packing with Quality approved paking materials

Wet hands and forearms under running water for 30 seconds.
Clean fingernails using a nail stick or similar cleaner. Scrub for
15 minutes with about 8 ml of product with or without a wet
brush paying close attention to the nails, cuticles, and skin
between the fingers rinse thoroughly under the running
water for 30 seconds wash for an additional 1.5 minutes with 8
ml of product and rinse under rünning water for 30 seconds
dry thoroughly.

Healthcare personnel handwash:

Wet hands with water dispense about 5 ml of product into
Cupped hands and wash in a vigorous manner for 15 seconds
rinse and dry thoroughly.

Patient preoperative skin preparation:

Apply product liberally to surgical site and swab for at least 2
minutes dry with a Sterile towel repeat procedure for an
additional 2 minutes and dy with a sterile towel.

Skin wound and general skin cleansing:

Thoroughly rinse the area toe cleaned with water apply the
minimum arnount of product necessary to cover the Skin or
Wound area and wash gently rinse again thoroughly.